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Family Allowance

Everyone who has a child / children and works in the Netherlands may apply for the family allowance (kinderbijslag). The family allowance does not depend on the parents' income; every child is entitled to it. The family allowance is paid out by SVB on a quarterly basis. The amount of the family allowance depends on the child's age.

Example: a child's parents live together (but they are not necessarily married) - the child's father works in the Netherlands and the mother works in Poland or does not work at all but lives with the child in Poland. The father has the priority in applying for the family allowance.

If the parents are divorced, then the parent who takes care of the child has the right to apply for the family benefit in the Netherlands, even if it is not the parent who works in the Netherlands.

Example: a child's parents are divorced - the child's father works in the Netherlands and the mother works in Poland or does not work at all but lives with the child in Poland. The mother has the right to submit the family allowance application in the Netherlands because the family allowance may be applied for by a child who has at least one parent who works in the Netherlands.

For detailed information about the documents, the family allowance application procedure and the costs, see our information package. To get it, please send an e-mail with your request for sending you the information about the family allowance. 

Retirement Allowance

There are two kinds of retirement allowance in the Netherlands: the obligatory (state) one and the additional one.

State retirement allowance - the contributions to the state retirement allowance, the so-called AOW, are collected by every employer in the so-called 'tax fee'. Many people mistakenly think that only tax is collected from the gross income. The amount of the deductions from gross salary includes the tax and the social benefit contributions including the AOW contribution, that is, the state retirement allowance. Each year for which contributions are paid and accepted by SVB gives you the right to 2% of the state retirement allowance which you will receive when you reach the retirement age, regardless of whether you reach the retirement age while staying on the territory of the Netherlands or abroad. However, please remember that you should start the whole procedure of applying for the retirement allowance from the Netherlands not later than about half a year before reaching the retirement age. You are welcome to use our services related to applying for the Dutch state retirement allowance.

Additional retirement allowance - contributions to such retirement are often deducted by the employer which transfers the contributions to the retirement funds. Not every employer and not every sector is obliged to register employees in retirement funds and therefore many employers do not do that. If you have doubts whether your contributions are being collected and, if they are, by which fund, the fastest way to get the information is to directly contact the administration department of your employer. If you want to obtain such information with our help, you are naturally welcome to contact us.

If you have changed your employer and you know that you had your contributions collected while working for the previous employer, we advise you to transfer the contributions from the previous employer's fund to the new employer's fund. In this way, you will have all contributions gathered in one fund which makes it easier to apply for the retirement allowance while reaching the retirement age.