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Bank Account Number Verification (a Dutch or foreign account)

If you are to receive an amount of money from the Dutch tax office or want the money to be transferred to a new/another bank account, you should carry out the BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER VERIFICATION. Contact us to arrange the verification.

Change of Residence Address or Postal Address

If you have changed your residence address or postal address outside the Netherlands, the Dutch Tax Office should be informed about this as soon as possible and this can be done ONLY in writing. Contact us if you want to change your address outside of the Netherlands or have already changed it.

Registration of a car with a foreign number plate for tax payment purposes

In the Netherlands, it is illegal to drive cars with foreign numbers plates without paying the road tax, even if you have not registered your residence in the Netherlands. In such case, you should declare your willingness to pay the road tax while driving a car with a foreign number plate by submitting an application to the Tax Office. In such case, the road tax depends ONLY on the car weight and whether it uses gasoline, oil or gas.

Persons who have registered their residence in the Netherlands are not allowed to pay the road tax only and drive with the foreign number plates. Unfortunately, such persons are not allowed to drive cars with the foreign number plates because the registered persons are recognised by law as residents of the Netherlands which means that they have the same rights and obligations as the Dutch people. The registered persons can buy cars with the Dutch number plates or use the 'property transfer' option which is discussed on our website under the 'Property Transfer' header.

Property Transfer

It is a law concerning people who want to or have become registered in the Netherlands. Being registered in the Netherlands means agreeing to being treated as a resident of the Netherlands and obeying the Dutch law. The Netherlands regards such a person as someone who decides to stay in the Netherlands for more than 4 months. If you owned or co-owned a car with foreign number plates at least 6 months before the date of the registration in the Netherlands, you may apply for the property transfer right. It means that the import tax will not be imposed on the things you want to bring into the Netherlands. Although this applies to all items within one's belongings, most people deal with this with regard to their car. If you fulfil the mentioned conditions, the Tax Office may exempt you from the obligation to pay this tax and you may receive the Dutch number plates for such an imported car. This procedure takes about 10-15 weeks.

After the Tax Office gives its agreement to the change of the number plates, the car owner is obliged to pay the road tax and the car insurance.

Obtaining the Sofi Number (BSN)

Sofi number for a Partner

People who have their partners abroad often think that the person who does not stay in the Netherlands or does not work here does not need the sofi number. Unfortunately, the Dutch Tax Office is of a different opinion. Everyone who has a fiscal partner (for tax returns) or who has a partner while applying for various subsidies in the Netherlands for themselves (e.g. a healthcare insurance subsidy, a family allowance subsidy, an apartment subsidy), should apply for a sofi number for their partner as soon as possible. You can do this in writing or the partner can come to the Netherlands to have a pre-arranged meeting on a specific date and get the sofi number immediately.

Of course, we can help you get the sofi number in both cases. Contact us if you are interested.