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Obtaining various subsidies from the Tax Office:

Healthcare Insurance Subsidy - zorgtoeslag

Every person who is employed, obtains an unemployment benefit, is on a short-term sick leave or has registered his/her place of residence in the Netherlands is obliged to have the Dutch health insurance. This is an insurance covering the medical aid costs, not damage compensations as many people tend to think. If you have such an insurance, we recommend checking if you are entitled to the insurance subsidy.  It depends on the amount of income per household. It is a mistake to think that only those who have not used medical care are entitled to this subsidy.  Remember that it is a state subsidy and therefore the application is supposed to be submitted to the Tax Office and it is paid also by the Tax Office and NOT by the insurance company! We advise you not to choose the monthly subsidy option.

Family Benefit Subsidy - kindgebonden budget

In the Netherlands, it is possible to obtain a family benefit subsidy. It is primarily determined by the entire household income and the number of children. It is not a fixed amount to which everyone is entitled. We recommend everyone entitled to the family benefit to check whether they are also entitled to such a subsidy. The best time to calculate the subsidy for 2017 is the beginning of 2018 when you already have all 'jaaropgave'. Sometimes, while granting the family benefit, SVB shares information with the Tax Office and then the subsidy may be granted automatically, which, however, is a rare case. If it is your case, you should immediately check the granted amount because the Tax Office often makes mistakes while issuing decisions and then assumes that everyone would make an adjustment in case you have checked how much subsidy you are entitled to. We advise you not to choose the monthly subsidy option.

Apartment Rent Allowance Subsidy - huurtoeslag

The apartment subsidy is ONLY for independent apartments, not rented rooms. It depends on the amount of income of the persons who rent the apartment and on the rent amount paid. Every year a new amount of the maximum rent and the income which determine whether you are entitled to the subsidy are fixed. The subsidy is financed by the government and so the application for this subsidy needs to be submitted to the Tax Office. We advise you not to choose the monthly subsidy option.

Childcare (nursery/babysitter) Allowance Subsidy - kinderopvangtoeslag

In the Netherlands, it is possible to obtain subsidy for a babysitter / a nursery. This subsidy is provided to partially cover the costs of childcare to motivate both parents to return to work. NOTE! This subsidy should be applied not later than 3 months  from the beginning of the childcare contract date. If this application is received by the Tax Office later, you may risk not getting the subsidy for the previous months.