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We file tax return files for natural persons with and without a registered residence in the Netherlands and for service-providing sole proprietorships.  

Filing the Dutch income tax statement for natural persons and sole proprietorships, including also previous years (up to 5 years back).

In case of tax return file for natural persons, it is of no significance whether these persons have registered their residence or not. We can provide the tax return services by e-mail or during a pre-arranged meeting in our office. To arrange the tax return, please contact us.

We also handle tax statement for past years (up to 5 years back) and can make any adjustments/connections of the already filed tax statements. We solve all complicated situations in which clients may find themselves as a result of wrong tax statement.

Acting on behalf of the client, we may appeal against a decision issued by the Tax Office in the Netherlands by letter or contest such a decision.

Bank Account Number Verification (a Dutch or foreign account)

If you are to receive an amount of money from the Dutch tax office or want the money to be transferred to a new/another bank account, you should carry out the BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER VERIFICATION. Contact us to arrange the verification.

Change of Residence Address or Postal Address

If you have changed your residence address or postal address outside the Netherlands, the Dutch Tax Office should be informed about this as soon as possible and this can be done ONLY in writing. Contact us if you want to change your address outside of the Netherlands or have already changed it.